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Income and housing insecurity, social isolation, violence, and trauma are the daily reality for entire populations of people in American Cities.

Dwindling public resources for education and social support programs have only compounded The social, psychological, and economic dysfunction that Results

The San Francisco Bay Area offers a clear example of the divison of urban society in the United States: Gleaming steel and glass high-rise buildings and people enjoying the latest wondrous new technologies and culinary delights exist side-by-side with tattered tent cities sprawling under the highway overpasses. Needles litter the streets, criminal activity can be found on any corner, homeless, mentally ill, and transient people of all ages carry on their suffering in plain view. Meanwhile, witnesses to and survivors of violent crime and trauma have limited access to underfunded, understaffed, and overstretched facilities to combat their mental health challenges and protect themselves against persistent threats to their personal safety. Young people from low-income communities have few options for programs that might guide them towards better physical and emotional health, academic success, and positive involvement with their communities. These same children fall through the cracks of a system that does not know what to do when many of them exhibit symptoms often characteristic both of ADHD and prolonged boredom in the classroom and at home, their exposure to various traumatic events, and depression. It doesn’t have to be this way. And in one of the wealthiest regions of the world, we can do so much better.




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